Sunday 19 January 2014

The Quiz of The Year Deadline of the year.

Float Art, Thames, London, near Tower Bridge

It was a comedy act; the idea was to make people laugh and we did.

My partner was good at that.


There was a joke in the show, a little moment with a pair of glasses, at which nobody ever laughed.

I can’t imagine that in all those shows that it went unnoticed but the audience either chose to ignore it or not to laugh.

Personally I thought it was really funny.

To his credit my partner never asked me to stop doing it, so I didn’t.

One day a fellow performer who had been watching walked up after the show and said – ‘subtle joke with the glasses, chris.”

I considered that to count.

Ok not a laugh outright but a recognition.

So I continued to do it in every show, just in case.

A sort of icing on the cake.

Quiz of the Year is a bit like that.

I think the blog should have one.

Assuming there are readers there should be a quiz of the year and there should be a grand prize.

Ok, it’s true, this blog may not have many readers but it’s got a quiz of the year.

And the quiz of the year has a deadline.

And the deadline is midnight tonight. ( i warned you)

So if you want to, and if you haven’t, you have about 12 hours blog here –time (see clock) to send your answers in.

And yes I’ll do it again next year, and the year after , and the ….

Just in case.

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