Saturday 25 January 2014

Second still life (this picture) of the year.

What’s going on if you keep dreaming intensely and disturbingly?

Night after night?

What does it mean if you dream of your self and your dad and your dad is angry with your self and storms off?

We were in Spain, walking around a night-time market.

And what does it mean if then you, your told off self, is then in an apartment that you can’t lock and you know that when night falls vampires and zombies will descend upon you?

Without your best interests in their hearts?

But rather an interest in your heart?

And you know this for certain as you have been in this flat, in this battle before?

In this dream before.

And what if you search and search and the only lock you find is one that you can set for a maximum of two hours – which means that you can’t risk sleeping -  and none of the pitchforks and sabres that you used the last time to fight them of have been removed and all there is, is a cat that is a bit neurotic and has peed all over the floor?

What does it mean?

Time to wake up, I decided.

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