Wednesday 22 January 2014

Polar Votex of the year.

And IF you have a Quiz of The Year AND a deadline AND the answers to the Quiz of The Year...


It follows there is a WINNER of the Quiz of The Year (2013).

That is, IF you wait long enough!

So without further fanfared delay!!!

The Winner is – Mary!!!!!! (6 points out of 11)

Not only the winner of the Q’year, but a former winner too!!

So a very stylish dragonfly fridge magnet is winging its way to Canada.

Where it will find itself possibly freezing in a Polar Vortex.

Something I always thought was a type of thermal underwear.


Mary said...

I am humbled by the win as my score wasn't exactly great but the 2013 BnBS&T was a bit of a puzzle so as they say -- as the award season is soon to reach its zenith -- it truly is an honour just to be in the running.

Did you know that in Japan the dragon fly is a symbol of summer, as well as courage, strength, and happiness? Could use a bit of each of these as the ice storm and subsequent Polar Vortex has kept us in the cold and dark here in the land of Canada. Oh yes -- if you EVER visit Canada, you must come during and ice storm and PV. Bundle up and enjoy!!!

I am sure that it will look beautiful on my fridge!

Thank you.

It took about 2 1/2 months last time to arrive, so in this weather I figure it will be summer before I get it. I promise to take Dragonfly for a much needed bit of air along the waterfront and will forward photo with Dragonfly in full flight against the backdrop of the beautiful blue skies above Lake Ontario.


popps said...

I'm not sure how big you think this dragonfly is - remember fridges in Europe are smaller than their Canadian brothers and sisters.
I didn't know of all the dragonfly meanings , did YOU know why the dragon fly drank the flagon dry?

Mary said...

Did I? Let's see -- Do I know what a Flagon is?

popps said...

because it saw the butterfly flutter by!

Mary said...

Very nice.


popps said...

AND very old!