Monday 13 January 2014

Field of the (another?) year.

There’s a field in Scotland, alongside a mountain stream and close to an old stone manor house.

At the end of the field, watching the water as it races through the glen stands a young man; perhaps he is still a boy.

Tonight he will play poker with others the same age as him; some he would call friends but this evening he will learn that even amongst friends, perhaps especially amongst friends, poker is a dangerous game and he will decide later that he will never play the game again.

For now though he stands alone in the field, and he is singing.

“In the chilly hours and minutes of uncertainty, I want to be, in the warm heart of your loving mind”.

He is thinking about a girl, maybe she is already a young woman; he hasn’t known her for very long but later he will know her more though at this moment in time that is far from certain.

He feels something, but he cannot put a name to it.

One day he will know that this feeling too is dangerous, but unlike poker it is a danger he will gladly court.

“To feel you all around me, to take your hand along the sand.”

He never will.

They will never run together along the sand.

It happens like that.

Somewhere else there is another field.

It is night-time.

There is no babbling brook.

There is no Scottish Glen.

But there are a thousand stars.

In this field there is a man, he is no longer a boy, he is no longer young and his friends are as far away as the stars at which he looks.

He too is thinking about a girl, one that is surely a woman.

And he is thinking about the sand.

And her hand.

“Ah, but I may as well try and catch the wind”


Mary said...

There are those who might have suspected that 2013 was a year of retreating from battle -- but judging from the first posts of 2014, you weren't retreating, you were reloading. Great start to the year!


PS Sorry I haven't done the Quiz - the truth is that I can't figure it out. Perhaps I don't understand the "Spot" game.

popps said...

You haven't done it?!!!!
Spot means find.
ie Spot the Gnome
Find the Gnome.
Use the search box - type Quiz of The Year, See the Gnome.
Tis easy!
Sort of.

Mary said...

"Use the search box - type Quiz of The Year, See the Gnome."

????????????????? WHA?

I am a techno-twit - remember???

Not that I am the best Quiz responder either. Not clever enough.

I'm fairly good at TRIVIA style questions -- like TRIVIAL PURSUIT.


popps said...

At the TOP of the blog there is a search function.

In the left corner - there's a symbol of a magnifying glass.

There is a second search function on the left side underneath the picture of the road.

IF you wrote Quiz of The Year (for example) and click search it will open all the posts where i have added those words as key words.

SOME of them pertain to 2013.

ONE has a picture of a Gnome.

Spot=find= list the GPS coordinates of the Gnome, or the date on which it appeared, whichever is easiest.

Try other key word searches - Mary for example!

Mary said...

Hi - OK - I've attempted it and submitted it. I completed it BEFORE you sent these more detailed instructions so you may find by my answers that I am still confused.


popps said...

Don't worry - i think you are the ONLY one who has entered.