Friday 6 December 2013

Bitsnbobs Musical Advent Calendar Thingy ® 6 of many to come.

As you may know, we here at Bitsnbobs - (the blog with a here) - are up to our ears, or sixth day, with the Bitsnbobs musical Advent Calendar Thingyinc.

As you may not know, the light is fading on the day and the 6th day has not been posted and anyone dropping in hoping to open another advent door thingy will have been disappointed.

As you may know a team of colleagues are hard at work trying to fill the inspirational void that has hit the editorial staff.

As you may not know you can instantly be co-opted onto the staff just by writing some comments on the fifth day post.

And as you may know, that means that Vampire Weekend have been suggested.

As you may not know, the editorial board here at Bitsnbobs - the blog that is never bored - is interested in The Vampire Weekend, still discovering them, but thinking how can we include them in this Musical Advent Thingy?

Especially when we don't know their lyrics and the co-opted staff are suggesting ditties with summer sea gulls in them.

Then again, as you may know -  where there is a means (and this blog has means) there is a way.

Bitsnbobs - the blog with a way.

what's going on?


Anne Hodgson said...

Meddlesome me. Tracey Thorn?

popps said...

Never meddlesome.