Wednesday 25 December 2013

Bitsnbobs Musical Advent Calendar Thingy ® 25 of many to come.

Bitsnbobs - the blog with wishes (most of which are sleeved for all to see) - wishes anyone reading this a happy merry christmas.

And welcomes you to the 25th part of the The Bitsnbobs Musical Christmas Advent Calendar Thingy 2013 which is scheduled to carry on, past the traditional end, up to the last day of the year.

But today - a bit of an explanation.

You see this is the THIRD consecutive Bitsnbobs Musical Christmas Advent Calendar Thingy wherein  we hope we have surprised you a bit.

But lots and lots of folk have written in asking - Where's Noddy?!

How can you do three Bitsnbobs Musical Christmas Advent Calendar Thingys without Noddy!!!?

Well - here he is, just maybe not exactly how you expected him.

Stay with it, it's a seven minute Thingy, a story first and then a song.

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