Tuesday 26 November 2013

The Flotsam and Jetsam - In my bath.

A moment ago I was sizzling in a hot, hot bath, the temperature outside the house is below frost levels, and now I’m sitting naked (probably more information than you need) but rosy pink typing with wet fingers.

I was lying and oozing thinking about Dr Who and David tenant following a comment that my friend Mary left on this blog and which I read as I loaded up the Bob Harris radio show to listen to as I floated.

Bob Harris is away (from the BBC) at the moment so he has a friend sitting in on his radio station and I’m about to set off to the village to lie on my mat and do some yoga, so I need to get dressed.

Kathryn Williams was a guest on the programme and she was telling a story about John Martyn and a recording session she did with him and then her and the DJ played John singing Solid Air and I was 21 again when I first heard him sing that, and then I remembered Kim, and a story she told me about babysitting for him in Wales, and then I thought about Kim a bit more, and then I thought about sitting outside her house and then being inside her house and making Tofu together, and then I sang along and since I was in the bath it sounded good, and Kathryn told a story about writing a song in the bath, with soap.

And I haven’t thought it enough of late but suddenly I thought; ‘ain’t life grand?’


Anne Hodgson said...

You can make Tofu? I'm looking at my soya sauce and thinking chemical thoughts.

popps said...

Kim can.
Boil your soya beans, make soya milk, curdle the soya milk, drain the curds and whey, press, eat.

Anne Hodgson said...

Do you curdle the way you do (or I do) with regular milk, with lemon juice?

popps said...

Kim used a japanese curdling agent and i can't remember the name, it might have been seaweed based.

because i couldn't remember the name i didn't mention it in case i looked stupid.