Sunday 17 November 2013

A Thought of The Day - Tissy and Diffy and a Shoe (all nouns)

Hey! I noticed that!

You did?

Aye! Sharp as a hawk, me.


Not really, I just read the posts.

Really!? You must be the only one! What did you notice?

Ah, I’m glad you asked …… I noticed that the photo that you had posted on Friday was the same photo that you posted on October 31st .

It is not.

It is!

T’is not!

T’is! Oh! I can’t tell you how refreshing t’is , we haven’t had a real tissy for ages!

Ok, grow up, enough. I’m telling you it really isn’t the same photo, I know, I changed it.





I didn’t notice. Hang on…., no it’s the same.

Look mate, not many people know that there is an October 31st post, nor where to look for it ..... but, no, look closely, then compare and you’ll see it’s a diffy.

A diffy?

A slightly different one - often used of photos of sunflowers where the sun, or the person taking the picture, is in a slightly different and possibly uncomfortable position.

Ah, thanks for clearing that up.

No problem, my pleasure. By the way.


I've run out of photos of dead sunflowers.

What! You mean we can't carry on alternating photos of dead sunflowers and other stuff for a whole month?


Ok, let's drop  it.


No one will notice anyway.

Well, since you are the only one who does it's a shoe.

Can you say that?

I just did.

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