Sunday 24 November 2013

A Flotsam and Jetsam Month Thought of The Day - TWho.

Did you watch that?



So far.

Did you like it?


Did you understand it?

More or less.

Did any of the twelve special edition magazines?



So far.

Did you enter the competition to win the bow tie?

And the sit-in! Of course!

Two things?



And you know what?



Mary said...

David Tennant voted best Dr. Who. I concur. My fav episode is the one where he repeats everything that is said. Unbelievable!

I think he may be my favourite overall -- he can do it all -- comedy, drama, TV, stage, Shakespeare[fabulous Hamlet]. He can say nothing and speak only with his eyes or he can speak, rapid fire, in any accent. Just started watching him in Broadchurch.

Something in the water in Scotland?


popps said...

How can you say that?!
Have you watched all 11/12 of them?
Or are you confusing "best" with "mine"?
As in "my doctor"?
Then.. fave overall!!!?
You mean actor?????
But you are right - there IS something in the water.
I've seen it.
and need to go back.

Mary said...

How could you be oozing about my comment?

David Tennant voted best Dr. Who ever -- the results of some inane poll taken this past week -- see the article in The Mirror:

I haven't seen all of the Dr. W's but I know what I like and I am sticking with my choice. He is also my favourite Hamlet. Now I have seen many many Hamlets but his is the one that I like most. I can't say exactly why -- maybe because he can also be so funny. Watch the many YouTube videos -- the one where he plays a teacher is hilarious.


PS -- thank you for removing the robot torture test from the comments.

popps said...

The question of the hour really is - did you see/watch the 5Oth anniversary in which he starred alongside the present incumbent and Mr John Hurt?
As for robotic torture i am happy to have removed it, happy that you are happy that i have and for the moment am handling the level of splog crap that i get as a result.

Mary said...

Haven't seen 50th anniversary special yet -- though much was made of the 50th anniversary. The John Hurt thing is intriguing.

If robot torture must return -- so be it. No use wasting our lives with those evil sploggers.

We may not have world peace but we will always have Dr. Who.


popps said...

Haven't seen it yet!!!
It was broadcast simultaneously around the world!!!