Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Thought of The Day - ratflections

This house sits on the hill.
And a wind is blowing.

It could be an aeroplane flying low, it sounds so.
Or it could be a not so distant sea.

But it is not. It’s the wind.

And then, there’s a noise outside the window.

It could be the cry of an animal, an owl screeching at the night.
It could be an old man drawing treasure chests from the deep with a rusty chain.

But it is not. It’s the branch of a tree scraping against the gutter in the wind....... I think…

There are noises overhead in the roof.

It could be someone huddled to one side, frantically scribbling notes; pencil to paper.

It could be.

It could be children playing marbles in a playground long ago, stuck for ever in time in a corner of a forgotten attic, hidden behind piles of memories.


It could be the imagined echo of the rain that will fall when this wind ceases to blow.
Ceases to rattle the leaves; flicker the candles and wrestle dreams.


It could be wormholes opening through time leading elsewhere, somewhere better.

Then again it could be rats.


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