Monday 30 September 2013

September's Siftings - Missing.

I miss my mum.

I miss my dad.

A bit less maybe.

I miss my cats, especially Mack.

And Dilly.

Cinders too and Tiggen.

I miss my dog Joey, even though it was a long time ago.

He drowned.

I miss Miguel.

It stinks.

I miss the spring, but it will come again and the autumn might still be fine.

I don’t miss the cold dark nights.

Well, one or two.

It’s still light so that’s something.

But it’s raining.

The curtains are closed in the daytime – and that’s wrong.

But what’s the point of drawing them back?

I miss the laughter.

I miss the squeals.

I miss every moment I should have held onto.

I miss the frosty night’s first embrace.

Crossing the courtyard and standing by the fire.

I miss the steamed up windows.

I miss her.

I miss you.


Anonymous said...

I find one of the best things to do with missing is to plan treats - which you are exceptionally good at.
Also I love Autumn its my bestest one!
3. What is happening at Christmas?
4. No mackusion I understand
5. I miss you too a lot
6. missing is only the other side of looking forward to...

popps said...

I'm looking forward to!!!

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to ....
Jaffa and I are planning a Christmas chalet near Stuttgart. Hire big place for all of us to go.
Harry and Jaffa commute to work
Joe l, Joe G, Anna, Mum, possibly JOes kids.
Youse and yours
All in Alpine Bliss ????

popps said...

no money
no can do
not happy