Thursday 13 June 2013

In The Tunnels of Time - Lost.

Aberdeen; used to live there, so did Claire, met her through a Group called Guizer, five friends, knew each other from the Blackie - community arts project, old church, Liverpool.

Some years earlier The Blackie had organised an event across the city and the slogan, motto, brief or inspiration for that event had been the words; “The biggest change one can make to one’s environment, short of destroying it, is to change one’s attitude to it.”

I have a new mobile phone.

I hate it.

Well, actually, it’s my old mobile phone and a new sim card.

I hate my sim card.

No one ever phones me.

No one texts.

The only messages I do get say; “where are you and why aren’t you where you’re meant to be?”

How would I know?

I hate my e-mail.

No one ever writes.

No one interesting.

The only mail I get says; “where were you and why weren’t you where you were meant to be?”

How would I know?

I hated Facebook.

The only people who wanted to be my friends were people who didn’t want to be my friend when we sat in the same room together.

What’s the point of being friends with someone who doesn’t want to see you?

How would I know?

So I’m going to switch off.


Mary said...

The Boss and bella Venezia!

Lucky Man!


popps said...

Could have done without the three hour bus ride from stadium to centre of town but hey, rock n roll!

Vicki Hollett said...

I am sorry I haven't been for a while, but I am loving reading posts I have missed.

popps said...

Hello Vicki
the blog has been poorer for your absence but we are glad you are back.
there's a lot to read, if you can find it!
(he said enigmatically).