Sunday 10 March 2013

A Thought of The Day - Notice Given.

I’ve noticed something.

Good morning to you too, very well thank you.

Oh, yes, sorry, ‘morning. What’s cooking?

Nothing, it’s breakfast and it’s lent.

What, does that mean you’re not cooking?

No, not really, but it means I’m eating muesli.

You always eat muesli.

True. But I’m not eating chocolate.

Do you cook chocolate?

You can. The Mexican’s do.

Are you Mexican?

You know I’m not.

True, er, we seem to be drifting.

It’s Sunday.

Do we drift on Sundays?

We can. It’s up to us.

I thought we did Thought of The Day not Catch My Drift Of The day?.

Yes we do, but this year remember the whole blog is JUST Thought of The Day and Sundays – it’s a design revolution.

Ah, now, that’s what I noticed.

That the blog is only Sundays this year? In stark contrast to the previous two years of we must blog every single day? That's not very difficult to notice.

No. I noticed that it isn’t!

Isn’t what?

Just Sundays.

SSSSShhh! It’s a secret.

Mary knows.

Mary’s nose is what? Pretty?

Probably but I said know, not nose.


No NOs, no nose, knows.

Do you think anyone is following this?

No. Do YOU think anyone is reading this?


Why are we doing it then?

Ahhhhhh. Big question. I have no answer.

But we are doing it aren’t we? Every day?


What do you mean maybe? It’s there! Look!

Sssssh! It’s hidden.

Hidden?! Not very well! You only have to search and you will find it.

No one has.

Mary has.

Mary’s hat’s what? Pretty?

Her hat? What are you talking about?

Mary’s hat.


Why not?

Because it’s Sunday. It’s irrelevant.

An irrelevant hat?

Forget the hat!

What hat?

Good, now, I’ve noticed something else.

You’re very observant today, what?

The comments.

Have there been any?



So I noticed that the word verification anti-splog thingy got switched off at the beginning of March.


For a day! Then it got switched back on again! Why?

We had no comments for two months, and I thought it was maybe discouraging people, and I hate it anyway. Freedom of speech and all that.


In one day we got fifteen comments.


No, it was all slog.


No, sorry, mis-type. I meant splog.

Ah, splog.

Yep, spam on your blog, splog – it’ sthe official term.

It is?

It is.

And it’s a slog, right?


Unofficial word?



Anything else?

I notoiced it’s spring.

I noticed you mis-typed again.

Again!? It was you the first time!

So, you noticed that too?


That’s a lot of noticeing -  no nosing, no Nosing, - but a lot of noticeing.

We should call it Notice of The Day?

There’s a thought.

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