Sunday 3 February 2013

A Thought of The day - Review of The Year 2012.

Hey it’s Sunday again.

It is! It seems like only yesterday!

Yes, well…., no actually – that’s because we only ever write on Sundays – yesterday was in fact Saturday.

Is it?


No, I mean “Do we!?”

It looks so.

Does it!!?

It does.

Impressions can be deceptive.

What are you saying?

That impressions can be deceptive.

Ah, you are referring to….


Mum’s the word.


And you will find!

Anyhow….. IF, and I repeat IF, we are only blogging on Sundays then it’s up to us to do a review of the year 2012.

Haven’t we done it yet?


That’s an oversight!

It is.

Where shall we start?

The best post?

Do you remember what it was?

No, but I remember Mary saying “That’s the best post” when we posted it.

I remember Mary!

Yes. Yes, move along, move along.  Hang on!

To Mary?

Shut up! I’ve found it! It was a Tarantino tale of blood and gore, (click here.)

Ok so that was June so the rest of the year was obviously pretty average so we could leave it out of the review couldn’t we?

Then we wouldn’t mention the Archives, we spent about three months in The Archives I seem to remember.

Not exactly, we were in The Archives, then we broke through to The Lost Chamber and THEN we had a very, very long walk home. The Rambles.

But it gave us a chance to internalise a bit.

It made me cry.

You’re oversensitive, but it unearthed a lot of stuff – for example this tale of hope, pain and joy (click here).

What about the Lists – we should mention the lists!!!

The Lists! How could I forget? A whole Month of Lists and I forgot! Did you have a favourite?

The one I was in! The contentious Un-List!

No you can’t choose a list you feature in, that’s egolistical.

Ok then it has to be the one where we surprised Mary (click here).

Good choice! Now, shall we mention the Crepes?

The forty consecutive pictures of the same (bar one) Crepe? I don’t think we should, we were lucky to get away without being lynched!!

Oh come on, there was a radical, cutting edge, design revolution! A blog that has published original photographic content EVERY SINGLE DAY for over a year suddenly published the SAME photo for forty days! It was brilliance.


I beg to differ, you gotta shake it up otherwise it gets taken for granted. Anyway it visually enhanced the theme of lent and, AND, the titles were posts in themselves for the curious enough to follow them up.

I think most readers missed that.

My own favourite was Musketeers, Stooges, Dog Night. 

That’s the one where the comments show that Mary understood the title countdown that mirrored the post content word count-up, isn’t it?

Ok. Ok. It’s the exception that proved the rule.

That could bring us to titles, which was your favourite of the year?

Miserable Courgettes and Illegally Imported Buttocks stand out… what about you?

Can I have two?


You mean I can’t have one from our theme Month where every title had to be longer than the content of the post, like “Colour of day, trouble of dreams” as well as my actual favourite?

No, no and no!

I had forgotten about our month of very long post titles, some were insane.

I would say radical, cutting edge design revolution myself.

Ha! There were quite a lot of themes this year weren’t there – like The First.

What else should we have in this Review of The Year 2013?

The stats!!

Oh yes! The Stats! One MORE post than 2012!! And remember there was one EVERY day in 2012!

Not like this year then.

Maybe, maybe not! Anyhow that’s a … hang on … a 1% increase on the previous year!

No it isn’t, it’s a 0.2739726 % increase.

Are you sure?

No, but it’s what my calculator says.

It’s still an increase isn’t it?

Yes. Can’t be bettered – here is that 0.2739726 % increase.

Not exactly a literary classic eh? But you know something?


We might just better it this year.

Hmmm, something to think about.

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