Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Christmasy Musical Advent Calendar Thingy 9 and A Thought of The Day (not thrown in).

Did you see what it said last week!?

Oh, hello again, in a bad mood?

Yes! Did you see what it said last week!!!?

Er, yes, we wrote it. Together.

No, not that bit. The bit at the top!

No, after that!!

YES! The brackets!

Ah, you may have a point.

MAY!!! Thrown In it says! We were thrown in!! I’ve a good mind to throw UP!

That may be a little extreme don’t you think?

It’s my bloody Sunday!

It’s their Christmasy Thingy.

Yes but…

Yes but?

Butter, I made a sauce beurre blanc last night.

Are we changing the subject now?



It’s got a lot of butter in it.

What’s that got to do with Christmasy Musical Advent Calendar Thingies?

Very little.

I’m glad you clarified that.

Was that a joke?

Yes, clarified, butter……

Very good, now this here Musical Advent Thingy.....

You have to use the full name.

I do?

Yes it’s copyright and we have an editorial directive.

Oh, well, this here Christmasy Musical Advent Calendar Thingy.


Well last year every Sunday, being as it was Sundays of Advent and all, we had a Christmas Carol.

We did?

We did!


What about this year?

Well we don’t have a carol on the first so if we start doing carols on the second third and fourth it will look like we are making up the whole thing as we go along.

Aren’t we?

No there’s a design.

There is?

Yes, a grand design.

Really? What is it?

Well what was last Sunday?

Hang on….. Instrumental.

There you go then Instrumental again today.

You just made that up.





etc etc etc 

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