Thursday 8 November 2012

This is just a quick, filler-type, post to remind (or inform) you of three things: 1) That you can get three fish for five pounds (almost as good as Jesus). 2) That this month the blog is trying to do things differently, look different, boldly go where no other blog has been before and basically be at the razor sharp point of blog differentiation; with a photo linked to fish as an extra. 3) Where the ‘inspiration’ from the aforementioned came from.

It all started in August when i did this(it's a link).


Wondered if i could do this(it's another).


Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Chris

You certainly are boldly going where no blog has been before!

You constantly amaze with your innovation :-))



popps said...

Thanks Janet, then again it might be a case of 'amaze with your insanity'!