Wednesday 7 November 2012

Just one of those idle thoughts that pop into one’s head on a grey November day when one is stretching one’s body before mind, and trying to feel that one is still stretchable; a thought which is probably just a series of coincidences that seem to happen more and more when one looks for them and which is probably simply because one is getting older and more people are dying that one knows and one starts to think about one’s own limitation; and any which way the roses just look better and better as one appreciates more and more of the details. Oh, and when one is, in fact, me. Or should I say i?

What does it mean if you dream about someone who is dead?

What does it mean if you dream about them, more or less on the anniversary of their passing?

Does it mean something more if the day or two before you bumped into a mutual friend, you last saw at the funeral, during a security check at an airport?

What does it mean if, in the dream, this person talks to you, gives you advice?

And what does it mean when you are doing yoga and thinking about all this and you turn your head, look out the window and see a single red rose in full bloom in November?


Mary said...

Runing into the mutual friend likely sparked memories which resulted in the dreams. You must have cared about the person that you dreamt about or at some unconcious level, they meant something to you.

I lost a very dear aunt in Italy earlier this year, and dreamt about her recently as a young woman. I never knew her as a young woman since my family left for Canada when I was a baby. Her words gave me great comfort. I look forward to dreaming about her again. I miss her so much even though I only visited her in Italy 3 times and she visited me twice. She did come one other time but that was in 1986 when I was in Vancouver and couldn't get away because of EXPO.

Roses in November -- nice title for a song.

Roses in November,
make me remember,
the ones I ignored,
blooming in September.


popps said...

Mary, would you like to come out for dinner this evening?

Mary said...

A nice seafood restaurant? Why not?