Monday, 10 September 2012

Rambling along 8 - a poem crossing

I should point out that this month - ramblings - are just that; ramblings from my mind over the last two months (July and August) and do not necessarily represent me today. But they do constitute in their own way a part of The Archives. This is explained, i think, here.

This crossing,
Black and white,
Of city street,
Alongside fountain,
That splashes this summer day.
A refreshing sparkle near the café where I sit
This crossing
and the folk who cross.
A study in traverse.
Two ladies, aged, rotund
Under hats, maybe soft flowerpots.
The hats too.
A man limping lopsidedly
Too thin for his bones.
Too anxious too.
A man who waits, but doesn’t cross
Even though the cars wait too.
Holding a baby, his
Gentle, cradled against his neck.
One who strides
One who hides.
By this crossing
And the fountain
That sparkles.


Anonymous said...

a painter in words
framed , or unframed
just lovelyx

popps said...

i don't deserve it, but i appreciate it,