Saturday 22 September 2012

Rambling along 22 - unfinished..

I should point out that this month - ramblings - are just that; ramblings from my mind over the last two months (July and August) and do not necessarily represent me today. But they do constitute in their own way a part of The Archives. This is explained, i think, here.

On January the 1st, 1980 I was 27 days short of my 25th birthday.

10 years later I wrote in my diary – “Happy New Year. New decade, new diary. A lot of things can happen in 10 years…”

In 1980 I had seen the New year begin from the outside of a party in Oaxaca, Mexico, ten years later I was on the outside edge of a party in Portobello road, London.

Although a lot of things can happen, HAD happened - I hadn’t learnt how to move from that outside edge.

I still haven’t.

In 2000 I’m not sure where I was, but more importantly I forgot to look back over the previous decade and take stock.

In 1990 – two partnerships had been and gone, I’d grown up and fallen in love.

By 2000 I had become a dad.

In 2010 I again forgot to look back and take stock – just too busy I guess.

Or maybe it’s something you do in your thirties; maybe taking stock is what it’s all about.

In your forties and fifties perhaps you just move the stock around a bit.

In 2010, when the New Year slipped in I’m pretty sure I was way outside of the edge of the party going on in London.

I’m often happier now out on that edge, or a bit beyond.

But 2000?

It’s bothering me.

I need to look.

Hang on……


Mary said...

At least you go to the parties. I've an adversity to atttending or being asked even. For big parties or especially ones like New Years, I generally tell my friends and relatives ahead of time that they don't have to extend an invite.

I appreciate the generosity of my hosts but always feel that I'd rather be reading a book listening to music or watching a movie.

Too late to become the life of the party I guess.


popps said...

Tracks of my tears?

Mary said...

Not quite. Just years of having to be in places and circumstances not of my choosing. You get to a point where you realize you are running out of time to be where want to be and to do what you want to do.