Sunday, 8 July 2012

From a Very Distant Archive, far, far away. 8. (and Thought of the Day Holiday Postcard 2)

All this month of July the editorial staff of Bitsnbobs have shut themselves away in the distant archives. They hope to turn up a few gems, but whatever they find THERE will appear HERE.

God it's hot in the Archives!

It is.

The research staff are nice though, aren't they?

Well, Mrs Penny is a bit scary - but this lot are friendly.

Here, take my picture.

Hey, nice camera! REALLY nice swimming costume!


Anne Hodgson said...

I need costume advice - need to dress up as a medieval person in the heat of the summer, dating to roughly 1600. Ideas?

popps said...

Ha! You come to ME(!) for advice!!!?
Full suit of armour - it's the only way to go (with or without the horse).
Fall over and be unable to get up on your own - perfect for getting to meet people.
Otherwise- go as a peasant they never had many clothes.