Monday, 2 July 2012

From a Very Distant Archive, far, far away. 2.

All this month of July the editorial staff of Bitsnbobs have shut themselves away in the distant archives. They hope to turn up a few gems, but whatever they find THERE will appear HERE.

Some of the archives are damaged – storms, high tides and time have not been kind to them.

Some of the archives are hard to find – today’s scrap of some forgotten idea is both - assaulted by abandon-ance, it is hard to read between the wrinkled remains of age.

I’ll try my best.

ONE chair
Slightly askew from the table.
TWO earrings.
Her mum’s that she tried on the other day
Proudly announcing
That she was a mummy.
Or princess,
She too would wear them.
THREE cats who share our home.
Your birthday today.
Happy Birthday.
Next year…
Such a long time hence
Pick up sticks
Rhymes with heaven.
And Devon.
Where this year
The total eclipse
Will pass.
And needing
A marriage of two…
To make four….
By adding two


Mary said...

Lovely! Well worth the search and the re-print.


PS -- These distant, damaged, hard-to-find archives sound a bit like the Circumlocution Office in Dickens' Little Dorrit -- but I won't get into that again.

popps said...

I guess you want me to read it now?

Mary said...

Yes - or at minimum - Chapter10.