Friday, 1 June 2012

Well I Never!

I’ve never met a girl called June.

I’ve never met one named December either although I’m sure she exists.

And I’ve never been one to let a month-long stream of posts, united around a single theme - "A First"target=_blank" - to continue into the following month.

So what to do eh?

I guess I might as well carry on what I’ve just started.

I’ve never been to Iceland, though I’d like to.

And I’ve never drunk beer in the bath – it just seems odd.

I’ve never played the double bass.

I’ve never eaten frog’s legs.
I’ve never wanted to.

I’ve never run in a marathon;
Or been to marathon;
Or eaten a million Marathon bars, which are probably called Snicker bars today.

I’ve never stolen money from a bank, though the reverse is not so;
And I’ve never voted for a right wing candidate in an election.
I’ve never worked as a waiter,
I’ve never learnt how to sail
And I’ve never swum all of The Channel.

Just a bit of it.
IN a bit of it.

I’ve never meditated in Nepal.
I’ve never seen the Chinese Wall.
I’ve never heeded any army’s call
Or impersonated Max Wall.

At all.

I’ve never written I’ve never so many times in a row.
Yes I have!
Just now.

But I’ve never
Ever, ever..
Met someone like you.



Anonymous said...

ive seen you dressed as a waiter,
do things a waiter wouldnt do or maybe do....
1st june, we want the summer to arrive, then when it does, i feel its nearly finished.
happy 1st june

popps said...

Carpe Diem?

Félicia M. said...

"I 've never met someone like you"doesn't seem much of a compliment, when you think about it : as we are surrounded by unique people, (even twins are unique !)

popps said...

that's a good point Mafalda and it reminds me of the line in a Bob Dylan song that goes-"i've been looking all over for a girl like you, can't find nobody so you'll have to do".
still i hope the compliment was received as such.