Tuesday 19 June 2012


I’ve had this thought ever since I was a child, ever since I first learnt how to talk, and the thing is that weird though this thought is, it could be true; we will only ever know when it is already to late.

I wondered then, and I wonder now why it takes us so long to speak- why we must try and try and only gabble comes out at first.

Maybe from birth we are given a quota of words?

A quota for one lifetime.

The struggles to form clear sounds just underline how precious the gift of speech really is.

And one day, you never know when, the well of words you are blessed with runs dry and can never be refilled.

And you fall silent.

Lost in thoughts you can no longer express.

If this were true. or if we lived as if it were, we would be less careless.

I wonder if the written word is part of this or not?

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