Sunday 10 June 2012

Th(ree!)ought of The Day.

I lke it !

The (ree!) ?

Yes, it fits, it’s appropriate.

That’s good, because a lot of the time i am inappropriate you know.

I know, word has gotten round. And talking of words there have been a few complaints you know.

There have?

There have! People found the film review last week less than, er, reveiwish.

Oh. Sorry. Still, we can try again can’t we?

Yes we can!



We sound like a Beetle song – Oh Bam Ma, Oh Bam Me etc etc .

We are drifting…..

No, we are beetling. The Drifters were another bunch.

No. we are really drifting, let’s get back to the (ree!) that sets the scene for this Sunday’s Thought of The Day (part of an ongoing series), continues the New Year promise to have a bracket in the Thought’s titles and which neatly segues into a film review.

That was a long sentence, and, incidentally the second time in this blog’s life that you have used the word segue.

I’ve been listening to Bob Harris.

Whistling Bob?

Yes, he of the whistle. Fine man. Good music. Was there any music in the film you saw last night?

Of course! I’m glad you asked because I really wasn’t sure how we were going to segue into the film review.

Don’t take the piss.

I wasn’t! I wasn’t, I was taking the segue.

Did you say subway? Taking the subway?

No, the segue....... we’re drifting again.

So, did the Drifters sing a song in the film you saw last night?

Thank you, neat. No they did’t but there was an interesting Rolling Stone selection.


2000 Light Years from Home.

You answered that very quickly, I’m impressed.

Actually I spent a good 15 minutes searching the internet for the answer.


Oh yes, nothing is too much for Bitsnbobs, the blog with, er, much.

Hmmm, much, begins with an M, any connection with the film you saw last night.

Yes! Funny that you should ask – the film begins with an M too.

What was the title?

MIB 3.

Mib three?

No! MIB 3 – Men in Black Three.

You went to see Men In Black 3!!?

I did – what’s wrong with that?

Well Men in Black two was pretty ropey for a start, Tommy Lee Jones looked like he wanted to be elsewhere.

Ah, but Men in Black One, which was called just Men In Black was really excellent. I saw it in Ireland.

You like Ireland don’t you?

I do. I miss it.

So why were the Rolling Stones singing in a Men in Black film? I thought Will Smith sang.

He does, did, but there was a lot of other artists dotted around.


Cream, Roy Rodgers, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Lou Reed….

Roy Rodgers? What was he doing there?

Ah, you see, Agent J goes back in time to help his partner K in the future… though to be honest I thought K went back in time too except he wasn’t around as such when J got there.

As such?

Yes, it was a past K in the past present not a future K from the present present in which the film starts.

You have lost me.

Have you seen Men in Black ?

One, two, or three?

The One that wasn’t One at the time.

Men in Black – yes, I liked it, extra-terrestrial refugees on Earth being hidden among the population, snappy dialogue and Tommy Lee Jones having fun.

Yes, he’s good when he’s having a good time.

Aren’t we all?

Some people are good even when they are distracted, stressed, busy or sad.

Take’s a rare one.

Yes, she is.


Sorry, where were we?

Tommy Lee Jones?

Yeah, he still looked like he didn’t want to be there but it seemed that the Director knew this and kept him in a minimum of scenes and since they went back into the past he had a different actor playing him.

I thought you said he didn’t go back in time?

I said I was confused, J certainly went back in time and it looked like K did to, only J was J when he got there and the only K was a young K, so old K might not have travelled back, he certainly didn’t have the Time Jump Device that everyone else was using.

Someone else went back in time?

Yes, Borris.

Who’s Borris.

The animal.


No, he’s not in it, it’s the only Men In Black film where he isn’t. Though you do see him on a poster over the bed.

The bed?

J’s bed.

I’m lost.

It’s a good film.

Good? I thought you said it was confusing.

No, not really, there are a couple of things that don’t really make sense if you analyse the plot and especially if you look at what happened in the first Men in Black Film, this is a sort of prequel. But if you don’t analyse and add up and just enjoy the ride, it’s pretty good.

Pretty good?

Yeah the snappy dialogue is back, there are some good laughs, nice music, period costumes, great make up and and, and, a sensitive story line with just enough schmultz.

Schmultz? Is that the right word?

I don’t know, there is a big red spell check thingy underlining it but the alternatives look wrong to me so I’m leaving it.

Was the film in 3D?

It was, but I saw it in 2D, you know what I think about 3D.

I do. What do you think – have we finished?

Well, we are WAY past the goldfish, I think everyone is probably asleep by now - if anyone reads this stuff -; but I needed to talk to someone.

It’s been a pleasure. See you again?

Who knows? Life’s a mystery. But we can hope.

I will.

Hope - the last refuge of the fool.

Who said that?


Who said that?

Someone else.

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