Sunday, 3 June 2012

(Shirley ....... because it's Sunday) A Thought of The Day!.



I went to the movies.

You are ALWAYS going to the movies.

I like them.


Escape. Sitting in the dark, no one sees me and I get swallowed into a story.

What about the heads of the others?

I always sit in the front.

So what did you see?

Where to start! On The Road, Moonrise Kingdom, Another Earth….

Ok, slow down, one at a time, we have a whole year of these Sunday-Thought-of-The Day-Specials-that-could-SOMETIMES-be-film-reviews-also-but-are-ALWAYS-a-chance-to-sit-down-and-have-a-good-chat-with-thee to do ……, start at the beginning.

Ok, I saw Perfect Sense.


Well my local cinema advertised it as a sci-fi romance and you know me, I like sci-fi and I love romance.

So you had a good time?



No, what it really was; was apocalyptic horror – and I HATE horror and I don’t like apothecaries.



Apocalypts I think, what was the film about?

Apocalyptic horror, I just told you. That and a world that looses its senses one by one.

That hardly constitutes a review.

What’s the point of telling you the story? Half the fun is discovering the story for oneself surely?

There you go calling me Shirley again, that’s not my name. Even if it was surely YOU know that every review ever published tells you the plot.

My name’s not Shirley either.

What is it?

You have to guess.


No, two more guesses!

Talking of Rumplestilkskin, what does Rotten Tomatoes say about the film?

Rotten Tomatoes?

Yes, you know the online film review thingy.

How would I know?

Don’t you look at it?

Why would i?

To find out if a film is any good?

Well Rotten Tomatoes won’t tell me that will it? It was good when they first set it up and it was a group of dedicated film buffs, but now it’s like Woolworths.


Or McDonald’s

McDonald’s? Burgers?


Aye? Are you Scottish suddenly?

Maybe. But talking of Scottish, Ewan McGregor was in the film.

Did he play one of the Apostles?

No he was a cook.

A cook?

Yeah he worked in a restaurant.

He was a cook then.

That’s what I said.

Who else was in the film?

A woman.

A woman?


Didn’t she have a name?


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