Friday 22 June 2012


I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in.

At the osteopath’s.

Her name is Sylvie, she looks like a Leprechaun and she is magic.

I went because I’m pretty sure I’ve broken my leg, well – my shin.

I’m not sure what she would be able to do about that but my doctor, much though I rate him, reckons it’s a problem with my liver and I needed to open a second front.

Because I can’t run and if I can’t run I go down, and down, and down……

She said, “I’m not the person you need to see, but I’ll do what I can.”

And then I lay on her table thing and tried not to drift off into sleep as she did what ever it is she does because it’s not clicking.

She’s a cranial osteopath.

I’ve been going since I was 36. Not every day of course but from time to time so she knows what I look like in my boxer shorts.

She seems to know what I look like inside too.


For her.

“Ok there’s a little problem here on the knee – can you feel that?”

I could now.

“But your balance is good. It’s just your diaphragm that needs, er, that needs, well….. it needs you to go for a run. It wants to go -YEAH!”

And then…

“But you look good, you’ve had a real blast of youth and your skin looks good too. You look much better than the last time I saw you.”

I like her.

Perhaps I’m in love.


Anonymous said...

So glad you are coming seeing you soon is important and happy making
I love this flower art - where is it? Can I see more - how far back do I need to go to see more?
Glad you are have a flash of youth limp joyously forward xxxxxx

popps said...

well actually this picture is of creme catalan art, not flowers but if you mean recently then....
most of this month, from Gerona's flower festival and there is more of that last year here ...
in May 2010!

popps said...

Hello again - i assume you are talking about the photos of the flowers in and around the city, squares, and nooks and crannies that have appeared here this month - and NOT my photos of dandelions etc that preceded it/them?
So to help i have added a label - Temps de Flor - at the bottom of each of the posts with such a photo, at the end of the words, and if you click on this (red) label it will open a page with all the relevant posts/pictures in one easy to look at page.