Monday 11 June 2012


It must be cool to be cool.

I’m not, so I’m wondering how to do it – it might be useful.

I’m a heart on the sleeve kind of person, often criticized from those close to me as being oversensitive.

Then again I have been criticized, quite recently in fact, for not being sensitive enough.

All of this upsets me, throws me into a barrel of brooding - which I find difficult to get out of until someone, preferably female, says or does something nice.

That or I have to write my way out.

The last time I didn’t have to write about it involved the beautiful CharlOtte - who should not be confused with CharlEtte, my niece.

Hence the 0.

I was washing up at the time – an act that means I throw a lot of soapsuds onto the floor and balance plates precariously enough to annoy everyone around me.

I don’t know why but my family hates the fact that I wash up and don’t use the dishwasher so I dry up at the same time in able to put the things away immediately so they don’t know that I have done it.

So when you find me standing in washing up suds there will always be a tea towel on my shoulder.

The lovely CharlOtte chose this moment to let out an audible sigh and then she came up and put her arms around me and hugged.

And it was a good hug.

I dropped my washing up sponge and hugged back.

Spontaneous moments like this as priceless as they are infrequent; I wasn’t going to miss it.

But I’m not sure how much CharlOtte appreciated the wet and soapy hug she got in return.

The moment held, time stood still, I thought about the distant ocean…..

You know what?

I’m going to be cool.

We hugged.

The tea towel slipped to the floor.

We both looked at it.

Somewhere far off the sound of the ocean waves faded out.

She walked away.

I continued washing up.

Who needs the ocean?

Washing up will suffice.

End of story.

It’s what cool people do.


Mary said...

OOPS! Posted my comment for today under yesterday's post. [Note to Editor -- Can you move it?]


popps said...

Are you inviting me to dance?

Anne Hodgson said...

Cool is a matter of perspective.

Only those who are very warm (or hot off the stage) will feel the cool night air and say "ah... cool!"

popps said...

Hi Anne.
Maybe EVERYTHING is a matter of perspective?
By the way, the night air is very cool right now.
How is it in Berlin?

Anonymous said...

For someone cool this reads quite hot
For me Tops you are cool by virtue of being you regardless of what is cool is cool
The rest is just a forgotten cardigan
My boyfriend was the backing track to the ladyboys of Bangkok last night - i think that is cool
he sounded hot
and the lady boys were definitely hot
am thinking about cool

BESIG World Blog said...

I was in Paris, whuch was cool while Berlin was hot... Wherever I am, summer seems to be happening elsewhere.

BESIG World Blog said...

PS: Paris was

Anne Hodgson said...

woops - writing under an alias... it was I who was in Paris...

popps said...

You were in paris and you didn't drop in!!!!!

Anne Hodgson said...

At least I'm brushing up my French, so next time I'll be able to ask for directions.

popps said...

Anne - GPS?