Sunday, 27 May 2012

A (last) First (Thought of The Day)

That’s it then isn’t it? We made it!

The last of the first’s?

Well, not the LAST of the last of the first’s…. but yes, no more will we need to struggle to find a Thought of The Day – our Sunday Special series – that fits into the month’s ‘A First’ theme and engineers a bracket into the title so that we can honour our year long commitment to have a “Thought of The Day” title with a bracket in it!

That was a mouthful!

It was!!

And do you have a “Thought” to add to the mouthful?

It was there at the beginning – “We’ve made it!” I’m thinking of having it as my epitaph, only with an “I” not a “We”.

I think “I DIDN’T make it” might be better being as you would be dead if it was your epitaph.

Unless of course there’s a heaven.

If there IS a heaven wouldn’t it be something that god administered?


Well would you qualify?

What do you mean?

Aren’t there rules? Or, more grammatically, wouldn’t there be rules?

Ignoring your question but talking of grammar shouldn’t you have said If there WERE a heaven earlier on? And shouldn’t you have given god a capital?

I thought about it, I chose not to.

Hey, that could be my epitaph!

If you like.

Hey, talking about last week's Thought of The Day and the "A" First series as we clearly were  i noticed hat every post in the series has had a song/video, EXCEPT our "Thought" last week. Was that deliberate?


A choice?


Surely not a mistake?


Why are you calling me Shirley?

He, he, he, very good.

What shall we do?

Well, i was hoping that by ignoring it and not mentioning it then no one would notice.

Ha! You thought you had got away with it!

I had 'till you came along.

So, are you going to put two songs this week?

That would just compound the error, so - no.

It would be neat if you could find a song that had  a link to epitaphs.

It would.

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