Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A First Non-Dandelion Photo at last.

This is the first photograph that ISN’T of Dandelions in 10 (or so) consecutive posts published here on the blog.

With the exception of two, that is – there should always be an exception or two.

It’s the exceptions that prove the rule, sort of.

But i like Dandelions.

If you visit my garden you would think I cultivate them, and in a way I do – avoiding them with my lawn mower and actively blowing the seeds hither and thither.

I like yellow.

It’s my bestest colour.

And I like transformation – and boy do Dandelions transform.

But you can maybe have too many Dandelion photos on a blog so here is something else.

goldie, yellow... geddit?


Mary said...

Are you saying that this is NOT a painting of a dandelion? It has a stem, a bit round top, and is YELLOW in the background. Nice try -- but you didn't get it past my eagle eye.

Mary said...

PS -- I wrote something terribly clever [or perhaps just terrible] in the comments of the Bits and Bob blog, featuring photo by Dave, late last week but it has not shown up as yet. Probably a problem at my end -- my laptop was wonky for a few days.

If I can re-construct it, will try again. If not, it will sadly, or perhaps thankfully, become the 'Lost Comment'.


popps said...

Clearly there is NO pulling the wool over your eagle eye!!
It's just a shame you don't have an eagle lap top too!!