Tuesday 15 May 2012

A First Night

It could be a play by Bill, it could be a night in my van.

Last night.

Spring slip towards summer, thunder, lightning – it’s normal.

Sometimes on the ground, sometimes in the van, doors flung wide to welcome the night.

The inside outside room has moved outside from inside (the van) and I have gone outside (house) and inside (van).

Last night for the first time.

An owl settled into the tree alongside outside at about 2am.

I woke.

I looked at the stars through the leaves of the oak tree.

I said sssshhhh.

The owl ignored me as owls always will, and I slipped back into sleep.

The rising moon woke me.

I dozed.

The owl came back.

I slept.

I dreamt.


The dawn broke, my sleep and dreams too.

The birds began their song.

I rose.

Another day begun.

Another night done.


Mary said...

There was an owl in one of my dreams last night,
Not a big, haunting one,
but a wee toy sized one,
about 4 or 5 inches high,
perfectly formed, and lively,
hopping from rock to rock,
in a green wooded area.

Don't remember the rest of the dream
but I was happy with the encounter.

Perhaps your owl was doing a bit of moonlighting?


popps said...

The owls are not always what they seem!!