Friday, 25 May 2012

A First Cherry Wish.

I went to Spain.

Just before setting off I got hungry, so I went into the supermarket to buy a baguette.

They were selling cherries!

I didn’t get any!!

I must have been mad.

The next day I went into a little grocery store in the old town of Girona.

There was the shopkeeper and one other customer.

The other customer was trying to sell what looked like mutant chicken eggs, though possibly they were goose or ostrich and when they discovered the shopkeeper was not interested she tried to sell them to me.

I only had eyes and stomach for cherries; I bought a kilo.

So, I ate my first cherry of the year in Spain on Thursday just gone.

In fact I ate a kilo.

But you get a wish on the first one.

So I wished.

I can’t tell you what it was; it won’t come true if I do.

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