Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A First Butterfly Census

I count.

I don’t mean that I’m important, far from it, but that I count THINGS; if I walk up stairs I know how many there are.

Today I went for an early morning bike ride – my foot/leg is still preventing me running – as I needed exercise, wind and oxygen.

The exuberance of the wild flowers surprised me so I counted the butterflies on the track.

Ok it was early in the day, early in my butterfly counting season and I DID get distracted by two sleeping-in-their-car-Poles which prevented me doubling back on the flat section of the track to get the low gear on my bike to engage before the slopes......

So my distraction was compounded by the struggle to get up the mountain in my downhill gears......

And when I’m distracted and puffing my ability to count flies out the window.......

And though I don’t have a window on my bike….


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