Friday 6 April 2012

Greasy Lumps (a false lent three)

I gave some stuff up for Lent- having fun basically – and I got accused of being Catholic!

Sometimes I wish I were; it must be brilliant to be able to do stuff that you feel guilty about, go to Confession and then be free to do it again.

But maybe that’s a simplistic view of Catholicism.

It’s probably a simplistic view of guilt.

In fact maybe I’m just simplistic.

I know guilt doesn’t work like that; it gets stored away in great greasy heavy lumps of soul consuming acid.


Anyway… here’s a fish.


Anonymous said...

I have co incidentally just seen one of the best films i have ever seen its japanese and its called Fish Story - can't wait to share it with you x

popps said...

Co-Incidentally i can't wait!