Thursday 19 April 2012

Dance 'tll you squeak.

My daughter says she’s a vegetarian.


She doesn’t eat mushrooms..

Or aubergines…

Doesn’t like cooked eggs…

Cooked tomatoes…

And will only eat Mussels,

In Spain.

On holiday.

Maybe she’s a fusspotarian…..

It’s the school holiday at the moment, which is lucky because they don’t understand what she eats.

Nor do I, but I’m her dad – not expected to understand, just do.

She went to the disco on Tuesday evening.

She arrived at midnight.

She left at 6.15 in the morning when the DJ decided to clear the place by playing some crap music.

A friend brought her home.

I woke up at 6.20 to go to work and we passed in the corridor; she had lost her voice from squealing with delight too much.

She went to bed as I arrived at work.

I’m in the wrong generation.


Anonymous said...

If it helps - Joe is revising for his A levels and I am the one who is exhausted!

popps said...

Minnie's MEANT to be!

Anonymous said...

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popps said...

Oh yeah?
It's my blog and i'll do it my way!