Friday 30 March 2012

Musketeers, Stooges, Dog Night.

The last thirty-seven blog posts, this included, have been because my son’s questioning me – are you religious? – coincided with the (almost) beginning of Lent.

If I were, I would observe Lent.

I am not.


I did.


Mary said...

What have we learned thus far -- that Lent lasts a long time? that Lent is a good time to change habits? that titles can provide much creative content? that the thudding drum beat of Lent demands restraint and deprivation of all kinds which is supposed to cleanse the soul, challenge your willpower and give rise to discussion of religious beliefs?


PS -- 3 more days? Doesn't Lent end at Easter?

PSS -- Is replacing chocolate with licorice allowed and who decides such things?

popps said...

The stomach decides a lot of things, but IN FACT i resisted the licorice (is THAT how you spell it?) as well!
Now as to the easter thing you have touched on the dilema facing me.
I thought i had THREE days left of this nonsense - as the rightly described creative content titles(cct) attest - HOWEVER sources, who may be given voice very soon, point out that Sundays apparently aren't counted and i still have a week to slog through.
Yet i hadn't anticipated that at the outset when i pre-published the contLent.
What can a poor boy do eh?

Mary said...

And where has HE been all these Sundays then?


PS --- Well done resisting the licorice :-)

popps said...

Ah, tune in tomorrow!