Sunday 1 April 2012

An (Explanatory) Thought of The day.

What the fuck is going on?
I beg your pardon!?

I said, "what the fuck is going on?”
Watch your Language sunshine!

English, what’s yours?

Urr? Don’t you mean that Urdu?
Oh yeah, very funny, what’s got into you?

Well …. No chocolate, alcohol or coffee for a VERY long time for a start. No liquorice either but that’s another thing.
What exactly are you going on about?

Lent! Look around you! This blog has been nothing but lent, lent, lent for about forty days.. It’s driving me nuts! And everyone else! Look at the comments we’ve been getting! Even Mary has asked where I am!
Where YOU are! What does she care?

We go back.

Yeah, mind your own… so what IS going on?
Lent – you said it yourself.

Yeah well it should be over! I’ve counted 40 days!
Ah, but there’s the rub, you counted wrong.

I counted wrong!?
Yeah, Sundays don’t count.

Who says?

Him upstairs, though it could be a her.

You don’t know?
Ours is not to question why.

Bollocks! Here’s a question – if Sunday’s don’t count what happened to my Thought-of-the-day-Sunday-special-bits-here-on-the-blog-where-i-get-to-muse-with-thee ?
It was a mistake.

A mistake! I’ve been pushed out into the wilderness! Not a leave or a goodbye and you forced me to eat nuts and berries. I’m going nuts (and berries).
It’s good for you.

Discipline, denial, will – you’ll be stronger for it.

Rubbish! I’ll be a crazed animal – the first chocolate liquor I see won’t know what hit it, especially if she’s female.
Just one more week to go.

What! Another week! Are you insane?!! Another five days of that stupid crepe!!?
The photo? You should pay attention to that photo, it will be featured in the Quiz of the year 2012, but fear not – because of the miscalculation at the start, “40 days including Sundays” ago, the management have deemed that today’s post - which would have been number 40, or the thirty-ninth, - has been deemed an (explanatory) Thought of The Day, that the-day-after-tomorrow will be the last, or the last-but-one of the pre-published epistles and that the rest of the week will be back to “normal.”

So I can eat chocolate?

Drink coffee?

Drown in alcohol?

Get thee behind yourself Satan.


Anne Hodgson said...

I think you might be a week early with your countdown, or maybe I'm not getting it. This happened to my brother: Wanted to go to a monastery for Easter and booked himself in for the wrong week.

popps said...

i am!
In fact the post above acknowledges this fact.
As for your brother maybe he is exhibiting early onset enlightenment?

Mary said...


HE HE HE !!!!


PS Crepe redux. De-constructed?

popps said...

Do NOT encourage him.