Sunday, 25 March 2012

Days a week.

When I was a kid I went to church.

At Lent I gave up half of the sugar in my tea.

At the end of Lent I liked the tea as it was.

Next Lent I gave up the other half.

Forty days later I decided I no longer needed sugar in my tea.


Anonymous said...

Is not enough to show I care
Aint got nothing but love babe
Self imposed highjump bar
Can I eat it

Pole vault
Religeous Cult
Chocolate melt heart felt
Tighten Belt
More Svelte
Mis spelte

popps said...

OOOOh a poem!
In two days time there is my own poem, now u've made a pair, thanks.
And you know your beatles.

Anonymous said...

Scarab and Dung

Anonymous said...

Is Lent
heaven sent?
Or is it God
Being Odd?