Tuesday 6 March 2012

27th Amendment.

It is Lent.

I have given up writing on this blog for forty days.


Mary said...

Given up writing the blog for Lent? Heresy!

Anyway, not sure that Lent is about just giving something up. Though not perhaps as 'religiously' fervent as you are [just kidding - thought I'd align myself with Loui here on the definition of religion and whether you are religious ;-)] I think you're supposed to give up something that deprives you or tests your self-discipline -- like chocolate!

Still, different drummers, I guess.

Though must say, that the photo of the pancake is truly lovely and the countdown titles have been interesting.


PS- My computer at work has been a nightmare for 3 weeks now -- It may be readying itself to crash. Can't wait for Spring.

popps said...

Ah well spotted mary, the titles are all things you can look up on google to while away the lenten days.

So there is no L(am)ent that there is nothing here to read.

popps said...

p.s. more illumination tomorrow.

Mary said...

No Lament? I said at the beginning of Lent that I was concerned that you were giving up your readers. And just today, I called your Lenten effort Heresy. Is that not a lament?

I agree with Loui -- this is maddening. Where are you Godot? I'm waiting.


popps said...

you can wait all day for a Godot and then two will come along at once.