Saturday 10 March 2012

23 truths about being an adult

Just before Lent, Loui asked if I were religious.

He is my son.

What should I say?



Anonymous said...

Oh god is it still Lent?
I am not religeous enough to know
are you storing great wisenessses and lovely pictures
are they bursting to come out of you or
is this epiphaney a realisation of silence and endings
I keep looking in to see if Lent is over Im with the queen on this let them eat cake xxxx

popps said...

It is, 23 days to go (see title of post),
By the way the titles are all interesting things to look up on internet whilst lent drags on.
but remember these posts are incrementally building so there will at least be one new word each day.
and yes the storehouse of wisdom is building and i have a photo or two for your patience.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodoh its a quiz

popps said...

talking of quiz's remember that the first question in the end of year quiz (2012) has already been posted and the second one will appear at the end of Lent.
If we ever get there!