Tuesday, 21 February 2012

When push comes to Shrove.

This is a pancake.

Today is Shove Tuesday.

See, everything makes sense here on Bitsnbobs.

The pancake, when I took the picture, was in Seattle; shortly after taking the picture it was in my daughter’s stomach.

Now that’s a place I would like to be right now……. Er……… Seattle that is, not my daughter’s stomach.

Then again if someone offered me rebirth today, I would be tempted.

No. Actually I wouldn’t.

But I would like to be in Seattle, or somewhere else.

Somewhere else in fact, as Seattle – as I wrote here – reminds me of Croydon.

So the pancake photo could be seen as a metaphor for wanting to be somewhere else.

Then again it could just be seen as symbolising Shove Tuesday.

Take your pick.

Anywhichway; tomorrow is the start of Lent, so if I can’t give up being here and being somewhere else instead I’ll have to find something else to give up.

today's post was written from the sick bed - editor


Anonymous said...

surely, if its hard to find something to give up, then there isnt anything to giveup.

popps said...

Ah ha!
Philosophical and practical!
Or is it that i'm just weak?