Wednesday 15 February 2012

A Valentine's Dupe.

It could be an omen, though it may just be a deeply significant event, but the day before Valentines Day I received an e-mail from Emma Peters.

Emma as you may remember, and if you don’t you can click here, is a zebra that isn’t a zebra and is in fact…. hang on… I’ll just check her web site…. oh no!

This is terrible – she has removed the photo of the Zebra that accompanied her profile – now I have no idea what she looks like!

No matter, I was going to say that she isn’t a Zebra – something her non-photo clearly confirms – but is in fact a sensitive and intelligent soul.

Unsolicited e-mails from sensitive and intelligent non-zebras always capture my interest, especially on Valentine’s Day (it was close enough!).

This is what she had to say –

“Hi Chris,
I wanted to reach out based on the post that you wrote about me and my organization, Amplified Media. I can understand that you weren't thrilled with our exchange. So much is clearly visible in your post that refers to me as a Zebra. I'm truly sorry that you felt duped during our interaction but I'd love to make that up to you in some way. Please let me know if there's anything I can do.

Wow! Not thrilled?! Valentines’s Day, wanting to reach out, let me know if there’s anything I can do!!!!

Shall I send her my list!!?

And would she be able to cope with it!?

Hang on… wait…. Oh no… this is terrible.

I read her mail again.

She thinks I felt duped!


What a great word, I think it’s the first time it has appeared on this blog.

I love it!

Duped, duped , duped… hang on, am I over doing it?

Is Emma?

I don’t/didn’t think I felt duped, but then I guess that’s the problem with successful duping isn’t it. If one is the dupee, as I may be, I wouldn’t know that I was duped would i?

Otherwise it wouldn’t be dupation.

Maybe she IS a zebra after all, and I have been duped into thinking she is sensitive and intelligent soul!!

She is just after grazing rights in my meadow!

How could I be so duped!!

Actually, I’m not sure this duping is so unclear.

Amplified Media wanted publicity, they got a bit, and they have a bit more now. But….

What I don’t understand is why they, her, it are interested in this blog. I have a total of about seven and a half readers!!

But, hang on, she, it, they read it again!!


Maybe……. after all……….. it was almost-valentine’s day……

I wrote back to Emma!

hi Emma
i didn't feel duped
you were honourable
maybe i felt zebra-ed ?
make it up?
not necessary
ps i love zebras

I think that had the necessary balance of friendliness and flirtation without giving away too many of the desperate needs on my list.

She replied!!!

I smelt the perfume on the envelope,my heart skipped a beat, my trembling fingers opened……

Hang on…

This was an email.

I clicked on it.

Thanks, Adam. I think we are a pond away, but I accept your virtual cup o coffee :)
Have a good day---and if I can ever be of service, let me know!

Ok, I’ll admit, her calling me Adam brought me back down to earth, if she really loved me surely she would remember my name....

Hang on!



It’s a code!

“If I can ever be of service…..”!!!!

I’ve decided to send her my list.

today's post was brought to you by i-really-must-get-out-more.


CaT said...

hahahaha, this is funny. good i never replied.
being of service..?
anyways. i plan on returning to the sculpture, statue, whatever you call it. and find out more about it... liing here 2 years, having been there so many times and never saw it before that day.. haha.

popps said...

Hi CaT, thanks for dropping in.
So what you are saying here is that she wrote to you too?
That i'm not special?
That my Valentine is not a Valentine?!!

Mimi said...

Hi, I found your blog when I searched for Emma Peters...I got her email too and pretended to ignore it, but I was curious. I was entertained by your post, so I added your blog to my list ;) Thanks for dropping by my blogs!

popps said...

well i'm honoured Mimi, many would have read this and thought - crazy old man!
i would have!
But thanks for adding me, popping in etc
now, i will try to come up with something about crocheting!
Or belly dancing!!