Sunday 5 February 2012

(It) - A Thought of The Day

Hey, I’ve noticed something!

You have?

I have.

Do you like it?

I do!

That’s good then …. What are we talking about by the way?

The brackets!!

Ah, so you’ve noticed?

I have, I …. hang on, that’s how we started.


By me saying I’ve noticed something.

You have?

I have!

Do you like it?

I… hang on, you’re doing this on purpose aren’t you?

Yes, I am, I do this every Sunday here on the blog – try to have a conversation with you, who might be me, go around in circles and hopefully come up with something arudite.


Yes it means, hang on ….. Maybe it’s erudite?

I think that that is some sort of glue.

Are you sure you aren’t thinking of araldite?

I’m not sure I’m thinking of anything.

You should be! This IS Thought of The Day, you know. That special “only-on-Sundays” part of Bitsnbobs (the blog with parts) (and brackets) where you and I natter.

Well, when I say I'm not thinking of anything I didn’t really mean that – obviously I’m thinking about the brackets.

Ah, so you’ve noticed?

I have!

Do you like her, er, I mean it?

I do! I told you so already! I like her too!


Ah …….. sigh……. Double sigh.

Are you ok?




Are we speaking German?

No that would be bitte.

Or bitter - considering my level. Where were we?


Ah, yes. Can I help?

No, let’s put a bracket round it.

Ok – (it).



Anne Hodgson said...

Can't find water or ice in your picture. Does that mean the lovely series is done? I particularly liked the ones showing snow and ice near and over moving water.

This one reminds me of the thick old reams we had at home, and donated to the Library of Congress when the house emptied out, a good thing in view of the transient and wandering existence of us siblings. I don't quite understand the occasion and why the decorateor did it up in cardbord, and what's with the brick pattern? Do you?

popps said...

"Lovely series" not done, more to come, this is just an interlude for teh "thought of the day" babble - hence words.
Part two - do i?
EVERYTHING is a mystery to me Anne!