Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I Ceik.

My brain is actually too cold – minus 13 – to think clearly, let only write crealy, cleel, cllealy.


But luckily I received the following e-mail/comment on my blog…..

Fibromyalgia syndrome is an autoimmune disease with a wide variety of symptoms. Please feel free to email me at somekeyword to let me know how the application of these steps is working for you. The split-second nature of these changes indicates a cranial coup-de-tat originating in the emotional brain (amygdala). [URL= ]preventability[/URL] This will make you feel good about yourself and inspire you to go on to achieving greater things. The recommended option to have an easy management of getting boat finance is to hire a professional dealer.

Ok, it could be spam but probably it’s a sign.

I have a cranial coup-de-tat!!

It explains everything.

I am a bit confused about the boat finance though.

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