Sunday 19 February 2012

(Film)-Thought of The Day.

Ah good morning, did I tell you about the brilliant dream I had yesterday?

You did (here).

Ah, yes it was brilliant, why did I have to wake up?

That’s life.

Life stinks!

It does.

Are we agree for once, so my good man, what have you been up to?

Shovelling around the sceptic tank.

Life stinks.

It does.

Anything else.

I saw a (film).

A (film)?


Er, would the brackets there be because on these Thoughts of The Day 2012 – a regular feature every Sunday – we have promised to give it a theme of bracket?

Well, it could be, but really I’m telling you I saw a (film).

A film?

No, a (film).

I don’t understand, did you or did you not go to the cinema?

I did.

Was there something on the screen?

Not exactly – there was (something) on the screen.

It was a screen, not a (screen) and this was a cinema not a (cinema)?

Yes, yes. Double yes, yes to both bits.

So… ok … this (something) was a….


You had better explain.

Carlos Saura, his new opus, it’s called Flamenco.

It’s a film then.

NO! It’s a (film).

How so?

Well, there was no narrative, there were lots of pretty pictures (you really ought to see this with an artist), some great dancing and singing but it was more (theatrical) than (cinematic).

You really are going to town on those brackets this week; remember there is a whole year to get through.

I will.

Would you (recommend) it?

It’s not his best f….. er, (f)… er …finished product and I must confess I fell asleep at one point near the end but I was very tired and had drunk a skinfull.

Ah! Did you dream!!? I did! It was brilliant!

It was only a dream!

So much better than (life)!

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