Sunday 15 January 2012

Thought of the (D)-ay

It was meant to be seen in 3D.

It was?



The film you saw this week.

How did you know that I saw a film this week?

I was there.

You were?

Right next to you, didn’t you see me?

No I saw the film!

It was meant to be in 3D.

I’m glad it wasn’t.


I told you before.

Ah yes, I remember, quite an opinionated little sod aren’t you?

I beg your pardon.

I said – you’re quite an opinionated lit…..

No, I meant watch it.

The film? Yes I did – what did you think?

Well you’ll probably call me an opinionated little so-and-so but I think it was Martin Scorsese trying to jump on the 3D band wagon but also trying to bring character and script up to the point of excellence which it should be in any film, yet falling short and thus leaving us with something better than what went before but hardly creating an exceptional work.

Wow. Quite an opinionated little so-and-so aren’t you?

Oh, and I thought Christopher Lee was the only actor who came out of it looking accomplished.

Dracula was in Hugo Cabret?

Well not Dracula itself, but the actor yes.

What part did he play?

The bookseller, or librarian – it was a bit unclear.

What was clear then?

That the film was about Georges Méliès, I hadn’t known that before I went.

What did you think it was about?

A little boy at Christmas time.

Why did you think that?

Em, ‘cos there’s a little boy on the poster and it was on at Christmas?

Why are you asking me?

It was a sort of rhetorical question.

Sort of?


How can a question… either it is or… oh drop it – did you like ANYTHING in the film?

Yeah, the visuals. I didn’t see it in 3D but it was D-licious anyway. And I liked all the historical fact that was mixed in there and I liked the idea of the story but the acting was so wooden. I came home and went straight onto wikipedia, here, I felt I knew so little about early film.

So, it was e-D-ucational, if not 3D.


That's 3 Ds, see you next week.



Félicia M. said...

The only thing I liked in the film, was the snow ! some kids in the cinema tried to catch the flakes : really awesome.
Oh and I liked my niece's expression as she watched it. That was awesome too. As for the rest, well, I realised I'm not 5 anymore.

popps said...

Hello Mafalda, you're up very early for a Sunday! clearly no longer 5 OR a teenager! :-)
And you clearly saw the film in 3D - my local cinema doesn't have the equipment.
No better then?
Did you see Speilberg's TinTin?

Mary said...

Didn't see either film so can't add anything substantial to the discussion. Re 3D in general -- the only time it truly affected me was at Disney World where it was used to great effect in the Honey I shrunk the kids. At the end of the filmette, the father/scientist unleashes hundreds of white mice into the audience [3D style] and the seats were rigged so that it felt as if the mice were running around your legs. I never screamed so loudly for so long.

You did it again -- switched You and Him. This is confusing but not unexpected. At least You are taking Him with you to the movies now.

So I'm thinking -- This EGO walks into a bar with his Alter Ego and says to the bartender -- "Usual please." Bartender places two glasses onto the bar, both filled with a clear liquid. Ego coughs a bit as he swallows the strong drink. Alter Ego watches him with disdain.

"Why do I always get the water and you always the vodka?"

"Why? You ask."

"Yes, why?"

"You don't drink, that's why."

"I most certainly do!"

"No you don't."

"Yes I do!!!"



Bartender interrupts.

"Who's paying?"

Both answer at same time pointing -- "HE is."

"Pay for a glass of water? Absurd!"

"You are ME and I am YOU and we are two in one!"

"So what you're saying is that you drink the vodka, I drink the water, and I pay for both."



"Fine -- I'll pay this time but don't come to me again with your innermost feelings and desires. I'm simply not interested any longer in listening to the insecure ravings of lunatic. It's always ME ME ME! Always going on about his authentic self. I'm the only one who understands HIM. Blah Blah Blah! WIIFM? Well the couch is closed. I'm taking a long holiday to the 'Unconscious'. Nobody will find me there. You won't have me to kick around anymore. Ah yes -- here I go, I'm feeling sleepy, very sleepy."

Alter Ego falls into a trance-like state. Eyes closed, shallow breathing, barely a heartbeat is detected.

Bartender starting to look ticked off.

"Oh don't worry about him -- he'll be back -- just jealous cuz Mom always liked ME best. He can't hack the Unconscious -- it's too dark and dreary down there. Never bother to go there myself. Pointless exercise, I think."

Suddenly Alter EGO snaps awake - "Oh Gawd -- what a bunch of kill-joys. What a hell-hole! What IS there problem? Beats me if I can figure it out. Never seen so much fear and loathing. Everybody's always complaining about something. -- Bartender another drink for my EGO and another glass of delicous water for me."

"You ready to pay?"

"Gladly. I'd rather be the other half of His psyche than spend one more minute with that crowd of losers."

He turns to his EGO -- "Miss me?"


"A little?"

"Not at all."

"Yes you did."

"No I didn't."


"Sure - have one in mind?"

"Prince and the Pauper, The Parent Trap, Dead Ringers, Twins, All of Me, There will be Blood, The Man in the Iron Mask, Boys from Brazil."

"Double dutch?"


Mx -- An hommage to the Sunday morning blog now in its second year! Imitation being the highest form of flattery, they say.

popps said...

I thought you said -"can't add anything substantial to the discussion"!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary said...

Sorry about the length of my comment. I was looking to distract myself from all that has been happening -- even if only for a few minutes.

My favourite of the movies suggested above is 1984's "All of Me" -- Have you seen it? I think it is one of Steve Martin's best. If you haven't seen it -- I highly recommend it for a cold winter's night.

SPOILER ALERT -- Here's link to the closing seen and credits:


Mary said...

Spelling correction -- closing SCENE not 'seen'. Wow I must really be losing it!


popps said...

Did you ever have it....?
OF COURSE i know All Of Me!!!