Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Snow why did you forsake me?

I wanted to include this youtubeo before we forget December and last year - partly because they say Happy new Year in it and mostly because it is so wierd.


I HAVE decided to switch the snow off.

The snow here on the blog - that which added a (hopefully) Yuletide flavour to the posts of December.

I can’t switch the real snow off.

Besides, it hasn’t snowed.

Not one flake this Christmas!

I’m not saying that Christmas is over, I still have my tree up and lit in the living room and I won’t take it down before Twelfth Night but many things, not just the sky, are conspiring to tell me that the festive season is through.

Like work, school and not being on the other side of the sea in which I am now awash.

Besides it didn’t snow when I wanted it to.

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