Tuesday 17 January 2012

The Review of The Year 2011

Ok!! Come on! Come on, come on! Isn’t it time we had a Review Of The Year 2011?

Yes it is!!!!!

Here is is….

The stats - three hundred and sixty five posts! They (me) said it couldn’t be done, it was did!

A 12.3 per cent increase on 2010!!

More posts for your bucks…. But wait…..


Lots! 898!!!

That’s a, oh ……… 26.27 decrease on the previous year!

Oh dear – Bitsnbobs (the blog with hiccups) is loosing relevance.

Probably because I’m anti 3D film, anti Twitter, anti Facebook and anti anti.

I must try harder.

Last year, nonetheless, saw some innovation.

An occasional Thought Of The Day- became a regular Sunday Service; each week he and I nattered about this and that, sometimes dissected a film and generally went round in circles in a vaguely philosophical way.

In February the previous year’s word experiment was reversed, in March we had a month dedicated to rain and in June we had an extensive self-portrait which among other things gave you a chance to meet my legs.

In August things got pretty weird - the lunatic took over the asylum - and then in September we had the spectacularly underrated innovation of ON/OFF month and we met Leah a nine-year old promiscuous genius for the first and maybe only time.

And in December we had a Musical Christmas Advent Calendar™ the full play list of which will appear on this blog, I think, tomorrow. er. here

In between all that?

Posts of cutting edge hesitancy and introspection?


However, there were a few fillers – like this one.

It sort of slipped by but Bitsnbobs celebrated its 1000th post, sort of.

Mary, a long-suffering regular commentator, contributor and inspiration of this blog claimed contentiously that the Post of the Year was this one.

Could be, but I liked this combination of nudity and my niece.

I learnt a bit about women.

There was an insight into the painful Bitsnbobs creative process, with more nudity!

And the slightly neglected advice-for-parents-of-teenage-children feature (a public service offered freely), was invigorated with this tale of love and destruction.

There was a puzzle to solve (no one did) and a rather poetic, I thought, double-cherry post.

Double-Cherry post one.
Double-cherry post two.

Financial advice.

And something about the Windscreen Wipers of Mulholland Drive.

Which only leaves the Quiz of the Year.


Mary said...

In other words, you mostly like the posts that are about or include nudity - preferably your own.

Can't help you there.

I stand by my choice for Post of the Year.

As I am 'long suffering', am able to withstand anyone who would like to challenge my choice and suggest their own favourite.

Well done, Chris. BnB's S&T is a gift. Thank you.


popps said...

No! No!
i'm being misquoted here!

Mary said...

Selectively misquoted ;-)