Friday 27 January 2012

A Quiz of The Year 2011 RESULTS!!!

Ok, I AM a bit drunk, so if I come over as grumpy pleeeeeese forgive me.


Quiz of the year?!!!!!!!


In 2010, at the end thereof, I posted a quiz of the year 2010 – here’s a link – and boy did I get some gip.

It seemed that people found it really hard, in one case one person’s marriage ended in the divorce courts simply because of!

Still, Mary waltzed of with the grand prize and here is a picture of it with her.

Mary is on the right by the way.

So this year I thought I would make it realllllllly eay.

Hang on… ther’s an s missing there…s.

Realllllllllly easy.

I posted the 2011 quiz here, and the post included a hint – a linkable hint, i.e – if you clicked on the word Hint (as you can here) and IF you READ the post you would clearly (if you are awake) read the bit that says – and I quote –

“Everyone that would like to do a Bitsnbobs Quiz of the Year 2011 should send in a question to include before December 24th 2011, I’ll add one and that’ll be it.”

Obviously anyone - and I don’t want to mention any names Saffy – who sent in a question AFTER the deadline would not get their question included , so the bitsnbobs Quiz of the Year 2011 had ONE question.

It was clearly marked with a “1.”

Even so - and I don’t want to mention any namessssSSS-aff - some folk were totally lost.

Other folk, maybe wisely, just ignored the whole thing.

Clearly the ANSWER TO THE QUIZ was – YES.

That would have won the big prize.

But no one said “yes” and today I am officially closing Bitsnbobs Quiz of the Year 2011.

So no one won and I am keeping the grand prize – in fact I have just drank half of it.

Maybe Saffy should have won a she made a sterling effort?

Oh yeah?

Convince me.

n.b this photo (above) will feature in the Quiz of the Year 2012!


Mary said...

I think someone is celebrating his birthday a bit early;-)

Still morning here but it is almost cake and candles time there.

Get a good night's sleep and greet your birthday with arms wide open and a grin from ear to ear.

It's a new year for you and I hope it will be a great one!

Happy Birthday from the Fab Four:


PS - Snowing like crazy here -- our reward for enduring 4 straight grey overcast days. Canada is like that but as they say "it's all good".

popps said...


Anne Hodgson said...

Very lost.

popps said...

Anne, the Quiz of the year was ONE question.
The question was
1. Is there a quiz of the year?
The answer was yes.
Did anyone get it right?
Did i drink the prize?

Vicki said...

Damn! The answer was so simple yet it had me foxed.

popps said...

How many answers could there be?
yes, no, maybe?
I would have accepted two of them!

Anonymous said...

I was so lost that even your insults were lost on me till I read these comments - Saffy officially blonde xxx

popps said...

Nooooooo, not insullts!