Wednesday 11 January 2012

Old Beginnings and New Endings- Refreshed.

If you do something once on your blog then it’s pretty normal isn’t it?

If you do it twice though, it becomes a repetition.

However, if you do it three times, and the third time you do it you do it on the anniversary of the second time you did it, the doing it clearly can be considered as an ongoing done, even though occasional, series.

We have a few of them here on Bitsnbobs – the blog with phew! (few- gettit?) – like, er, hang on…, er, well I can’t actually think of any RIGHT this moment but we, hang on – yes – From The Archives – that’s one.

This is another.

It’s Old Beginnings and New Endings.

The first one is available here (2010)
The second here (2011)

And now we are now.

The idea is simple – It’s The New Year, so things begin things end, even if it is just years.

A bit like everyday really, but the New Year celebration can sometimes bring that into focus so Bitsnbobs – the blog where decisions are made – has decided to mark it with links to three posts from the previous year that speak, or spoke of beginnings and three that spoke/speak of ends.

So without further a-Do (see third paragraph above) here are three beginnings-links and three ends-links from 2011.

First the beginnings.

Then the ends.

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