Friday 23 December 2011

A Christmas advent (23)

Well, if I’m alive (see yesterday), it’s time to set off.

Like all wise men (and women) everywhere it’s time to follow a star and move east.

Even if you need to go west or north to make it happen.

Or south.

Christmas = journey.

Ok -fair enough!

Yesterdays song was not the best Christmas Song ever recorded, but if i had asked you to predict the content of this Musical advent calendar back at the beginning of December how many would have suggested The Moody Blues singing In the Deep Mid-Winter?

It's all about surprise see.

You know the door of the advent calendar is going to be there, but you can't open it untli the day, and you don't know what is going to be there until you do, except it's not chocolate it's a song.

Now, not many people would have put Rod's "Every Beat" into a list of 31 (plus one) melodious ditties for a Musical Christmas Advent Calendar such as this – but you know what?

There aren’t many people here.

Just me in fact.

And this song makes me think of travelling through snowfall and blizzard and fills me with a fine Christmas Tingle.

So, if I’m alive (see above), it’s time to set off.

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